Contact: Kris Hermus

Imec, headquartered in Leuven, is an independent research institute in nanotechnology and nano-electronics. Through worldwide partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy imec delivers industry-relevant technology solutions.In its cleanrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories, imec investigates next-generation computer chips, but also develops efficient (organic) solar cells, biomedical lab-on-chips, wireless communication chips, radar modules, advanced image sensors, organic electronic applications and photonic devices.Imec’s partnerships are not limited to international and electronics-related companies and research centers. Imec has already collaborated with more than 500 Flemish companies from various sectors such as ICT, food, textile, construction engineering etc.


TAIPRO Engineering


Contact: Michel Saint-Mard

TAIPRO Engineering is an unique one stop shopping service in Europe for designing and producing your tailored sensor solutions. We engineer microsystems & develop their microassembly processes (packaging). TAIPRO Engineering provides the prototypes, pre-production, medium and ramp-up series.

An accredited clean room, high-tech packaging equipments and deep knowledge of all packaging techniques (microassembly) are the keys for driving the development of your innovative solutions.

TAIPRO Engineering’s offer can be summarized in 3 main strategic axes:

  • Full development project based on a functional and/or technical specification [a priori for industrial companies having no or few specific knowledge in the field of (micro)electronics]: feasibility studies – Proof of concept / prototype / demonstrator –small and ramp-up production series;
  • Packaging design, support, prototyping for front-end and back-end sectors which need specific support before manufacturing: feasibility studies, support for packaging choices (wire bonds, die attach, solder paste, substrate, package…), demonstration and characterization, prototypes,
  • Production of small and medium series including (COB, SiP, MCM,...)



Contact: Jean Beka

SmartNodes is a technology company specialized in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative dynamic outdoor lighting solutions and public spaces solutions.
“Light where and when needed, at the right level”.  Maximal energy savings are achieved while maintaining the same quality of light and the same level of security as the usual static lighting infrastructure.  SmartNodes is a new real time intelligent management model for street lighting.
SmartNodes supports Smart Cities solutions by integrating environmental and parking low power sensors in public lighting networks.  Already available at any place, the street lighting network becomes the driving force behind the development of Smart City networks.
For maintenance purpose or reprogramming, network remote control is possible through Central Management Software interface.  Luminaires status, power consumption, traffic statistics, sensors data are also easily transferable and monitored on the cloud. 
SmartNodes distributes its products to the attention of the authorities but also the private sector.


DVC Machinevision


Contact: Luc Guerin

DVC machinevision B.V. is the best partner in Vision for OEMs in the Benelux and together we supply vision solutions worldwide. This varies from the unique distribution of A-brand vision components to the development of customer specific vision modules for food, robot and sport applications. Investment in technological innovation is key to DVC




Contact: Hanneke Debeij

Telerex is one of the Benelux fastest growing distributors of professional electronics, electromechanical and LED components. In our Competence Centre we offer several services as added value to our product ranges, for example assembly, testing, training and engineering.




Contact: Ivonne de With

InnoFour, founded in 2008, is a company providing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. In addition to product sales InnoFour offers technical support, training and consulting services. InnoFour enables its customers to design, develop, test and manufacture electronic products while focusing on productivity, time to market and quality. InnoFour, based in Almelo - The Netherlands, with offices in Lund and Stockholm is a channel partner for Mentor Graphics, Downstream Technologies, DfR Solutions, Omnify Software, Router Solutions and SamacSys in Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands.


Shared EDA


Contact: Christiaan Van der sluijs

Shared EDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) ecosystem. The organization licenses EDA tools and coordinates relevant trainings, workshops, transfer of knowledge and sharing of semiconductor IP.




Contact: Joan Ceuterick

AnSem is a leading analog ASIC design service company offering custom analog, RF and mixed-signal integrated circuit solutions to leading semiconductor and system OEM companies. AnSem brings innovation on chip, tailored to specific customer needs. We provide custom IC design and full turnkey solutions, managing the complete ASIC development and supply chain flow across these markets: Healthcare, Communications, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Smart Grid Smart Home and Wearable electronics. 




Contact: Steven Deschuyteneer

DELTATEC is a high-tech design company, specialized in advanced hardware and software technologies. DELTATEC is active in various sectors: TV broadcast (design of boards, automation of live shows), space and aeronautics (on-board computers & cameras) and industry (embedded systems, quality control projects). Companies like Fabricom, AGC, Alstom, Techspace Aero, Luxspace, RTL and many others, regularly entrust to DELTATEC for the design and manufacturing of their new products. 

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